December 09, 2006

Sir Richard Doll - Smoking and Cancer Alarm False

Doll wins a place in Hell's Hall of Shame.

Sir Richard Doll celebrated epidemiologist who established that smoking causes lung cancer, was receiving a consultancy fee of $1,500 a day in the mid-1980s from Monsanto, then a major chemical company and now better known for its GM crops business.


Elevator to Hell's Hall Of Shame

The Guardian UK has reported that among Doll's papers was a very interesting 10 year consultancy contract with Monsanto which goes back to 1979 and is renewed in 1986 with a new phat fee attached.

So Sir Richard Doll went around claiming that smoking and life style were the main causes of cancer, when he knew very well that it was chemical pollution from the big petro-chemical companies like Monsanto who are to blame.

Like Luis Pasteur's death bed confession, the microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything, Doll too retracted his assertion that the cause of cancer was smoking and life style related:

Faced with growing evidence of the scientific untenability of his virtual dismissal of causes of cancer other than smoking and lifestyle, coupled with damaging revelations of conflicts of interest, Doll has suddenly retracted his long-standing dismissal of environmental causes of cancer. As a member of a recent IARC scientific working group, convened to review evidence relating tobacco smoking and cancer, Doll finally admitted:

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November 23, 2006

Pot Shots - Taking aim at the global health monopoly

Ten years ago, when Proposition 215 made it legal for California doctors to approve cannabis use by patients, you could not have convinced me that pushing for medical marijuana recognition would be the tool to free marijuana from the chains of prohibition. Still, I have some reservations but, seeing the damage Prop. 215 has already done to the pharmaceutical death monopoly, I have "high" hopes for a total success.

In a recent article in Counter Punch, Fred Gardner, the editor of O'Shaughnessy's Journal of the California Cannabis Research Medical Group, makes it clear that the movement is making great inroads.


Marijuana flower close up by Bald1

Marijuana is a natural medicine that is much more effective than most of the deadly and many times addictive medicines that the pharmaceutical industry forces down our throats. The best part, though, is that addictive prescription and street drugs can be and are being eliminated by medical marijuana in an astounding percentage of patients.

It is no surprise that the corporate powers continue to "lobby" at the highest levels to keep the good herb from taking over their turf. The DEA (US Drug Enforcement Agency) is working as the strong arm of the pharmaceutical racket under the War on Drugs banners they wave. If my "long term" memory is still intact, it was Dupont, introducing nylon to the world market who lobbied the Federal Government to prohibit the use of cannabis in the USA and then, through the United Nations, beyond. If you want to inform yourself about the War on Drugs and have a great laugh at the same time, tune into the Penn and Teller's Bullshit!
and watch a 30 minute vidio featuring the Guru of Pot, Dr. Lester Grinspoon.

Now is not the time to lay back and count our blessings. It is time to act. Take responsibility for your own health and GROW YOUR OWN MEDICINE!

Herewith some replies to a survey question sent to doctors who prescribe marijuana to about 140,000 patients reporting reduced reliance on pharmaceuticals.

Frank Lucido, MD: "Chronic pain patients report reduced use of opioids, NSAIDs, muscle relaxants, sleeping pills. Psychiatric and insomnia patients reduce use of tranquilizers,

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August 16, 2006

Clinton: Circumcision - the answer to AIDS

When my son was born and I held him for the first time, I checked him out from head to toe and found that he had a gauze over his penis. I ask the nurse what had happened to him and she said he was circumcised. What? I could not believe that a child born in a catholic hospital would ever be brutalized in that way. No one asked my permission. It was a done deal just like the umbilical cord. Later, I discovered that this practice is standard in all US hospitals.

Jesus had his prepuce (foreskin) removed, according to Jewish law, when he was 8 days old.
It is said that upon his resurrection, Jesus had his prepuce restored as he ascended "wholly into Heaven".


Michelangelo's David with prepuce

I ask, since males are born with a prepuce, there must be a reason for one and if Jesus' prepuce was restored, was it to make him whole? The prepuce that was removed from Jesus is now called the "Holy Prepuce". It is a relic sought after like the "Holy Grail". Like everything of historical value, the Italians claim to possess the Holy Prepuce. Perhaps they would like to use the DNA to rebuild the whole man or, don't laugh, to grow prepuces for future necessary transplants.

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