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June 26, 2006

Larry Silverstein's Towers

I spent a good deal of time today looking over the latest news, especially concentrating on the seven 'home grown' terrorists story where the Sears Tower was supposedly the target of another al Qaida attack on the American Way. Sickened by the fact that Larry Silverstein is again the owner of the Tower (this time only one), I decided that things have gotten out of hand.


Larry Silverstein with his Twin Towers behind him

Not only do the New World Order cruds shit on us, now they are rubbing it in our faces. I do not believe that one rubs shit in the face of someone that they think can fight back, so I assume that the NWO cruds are convinced that they have us so well locked up that we are not able to do a thing about it. In a recent survey on CNN 84% said that they believe the US government had, at the very least, prior knowledge of the attacks. So why then do the NWO cruds not stop with their charade? I mean, the cat is out of the bag!

NWO organization chart: View image

The question is now, how do we take the power back from the control of the mad men who have been, thus far, successful in taking control around the world. According to the 'Commander in Chief', "our progress is incremental." Yes, like the warming of the water in the pot where you intend to boil your frog. The frog loves the nice warm feeling but as the heat raises, he finds he is no longer able to jump out! Is it the right moment to jump out or shall we enjoy the nice warmth of our false security for just a bit more?

I do not propose a popular revolt, nor do I think such a move would be successful. The weapons are in the hands of the cruds. Yes, even our National Guard has been commandeered by the Feds so the States' have no militia to speak of. They were sent to Iraq with their equipment and those who have returned have been disarmed and the Pentagon is not acting to re-arm them any time soon. The States' National Guards and the returning Guards' units are being redeployed to the Mexican border to work under the Department of Homeland Security so as to secure the border from illegally fleeing Americans - oops, I mean, illegal aliens.

So, our options are few: protests in iron cages in 'free speech zones' or, like the French Revolution's 'Saboteur', start throwing clogs into the wheels of the machine.

There is also the possibility that one or more of our more patriotic generals does a Marcus Brutus act and subsequently exclaims "People of Rome, we are once again free!"

I would like to be appointed head of the commission to deal with the crud. I would round up the remaining crud and stick them all in Guantanamo. I would hire the Taleban as prison guards so as to make sure that these bad boys and girls didn't get their drug supplies and we can finally benefit from all the money that the US taxpayers have given the Taleban over the years to 'fight the drug trade in Afganistan'. So, break the habit now cruds or you will really suffer under the soaring heat in Guantanamo.

I myself am quite content to sit here in the cool of the office and put words into electronic digits in hopes of informing interested spirits of the perils we face.

June 15, 2006

Eminem - Bounty Hunter

My once favorite rapper, Eminem - Marshall Mathers III - is set to play the role of Paladin in a modern day remake of the old western TV series, Have Gun, will Travel.

One has to ask WHY Eminem has decided to glorify the nasty profession of mercenary.

Was Shady brainwashed in the drug rehab clinic that he recently checked into to handle his addiction to pain killers? Does he know that he is doing PR work for the Neoconservatives Corporate Army? Yes, like Uncle Sam with the Army recruitment posters - 'Uncle Sam wants YOU'. But this time it is for soldiers of fortune also known as mercenaries or bounty hunters.

Slim Shady sold his soul?

The former Undersecretary of Defense and Comptroller of the Pentagon, Rabbi Dov Zakheim, says private contractors are crucial to filling the gaps left by cuts in the U.S. military that followed the end of the cold war. "[U.S.] Military operations will not succeed without contractors on the battlefield."

Zakheim was one of the authors of PNAC - The Project for the New American Century and presumed mastermind behind the 911 attacks.

Providing mercenaries is a popular and growing business. The mercenaries in Iraq work for Halliburton and other mega corporations as security personnel. They also do the dirty work in the prisons such as Abu Graib. Another kind of paid soldiers are the Somali War Lords supported by the US military and intelligence agencies. They have recently been routed in the Somali capital by the Islamic Courts Union, a militia that backs the imposition of Islamic law in Somalia The US government can stand back and claim that they have nothing to do with the War Lords and whatever nasty things they have been doing has nothing to do with them.

The next big game is "securing the Mexican border". The States' National Guard units are being sent along the border as a stop gap measure while hired solders are trained up to replace the Guards and take over. What they do is their own business. After all, they are only hired through contractors like Blackwater who proclaims: "We have established a global presence and provide training and tactical solutions for the 21st century," adding, "Our clients include federal law enforcement agencies, the Department of Defense, Department of State, and Department of Transportation, local and state entities from around the country, multinational corporations and friendly nations from all over the globe."

What they do not say is that any good American who wants to flee to Mexico when the shit hits the fan will not be able to leave the US because the corporate mercenaries have closed it off. Martial law! No escape.
The DynCorp will be there to assure no one goes anywhare. They have lots of experience and are not choosy in who they hire to do their dirty work. The only requirement is a "warm body".

I just played "Will the real Slim Shady" by Eminem. That will be the last time I hear his sweet voice until the REAL Marshall Mathers III comes back from the deep sleep that he must be in. I did the same when Madonna changed her name to Esther and went to Jerusalem to glorify the new Judeo/Christian Fundamentalism. I only replayed her music when she returned to the living! I have not much hope for U2's Bono.

Just remember, they are not dead but have given themselves over to an unearthly power. Not my style!