April 26, 2006

Mayor Bloomberg's Summit on Gun Violence

Michael Bloomberg and other like minded mayors have held a summit and signed a resolution to combat gun violence.

Great! I am all for combating violence of all types, including psychiatric mind altering drugs, propaganda and other forms of "shock and awe" that cause emotional stress. What amazes me is that guns are determined to be the cause of the violence. That is like saying that pens cause spelling mistakes and matches cause arson.

American as apple pie

When I was a child growing up in the Far West, we all had access to guns. My father had a closet full of guns and all of his five children, girls and boys, were taught how to shoot them and care for them in a responsible manner. We didn't have any violent crime committed with those guns and the idea of using one for violence, apart from shooting up an old beer can, never crossed our minds.

Although there is more per capita firepower in Switzerland

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