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August 16, 2006

Clinton: Circumcision - the answer to AIDS

When my son was born and I held him for the first time, I checked him out from head to toe and found that he had a gauze over his penis. I ask the nurse what had happened to him and she said he was circumcised. What? I could not believe that a child born in a catholic hospital would ever be brutalized in that way. No one asked my permission. It was a done deal just like the umbilical cord. Later, I discovered that this practice is standard in all US hospitals.

Jesus had his prepuce (foreskin) removed, according to Jewish law, when he was 8 days old.
It is said that upon his resurrection, Jesus had his prepuce restored as he ascended "wholly into Heaven".


Michelangelo's David with prepuce

I ask, since males are born with a prepuce, there must be a reason for one and if Jesus' prepuce was restored, was it to make him whole? The prepuce that was removed from Jesus is now called the "Holy Prepuce". It is a relic sought after like the "Holy Grail". Like everything of historical value, the Italians claim to possess the Holy Prepuce. Perhaps they would like to use the DNA to rebuild the whole man or, don't laugh, to grow prepuces for future necessary transplants.

It was the Greeks who first did skin grafts of the prepuce so as to be allowed admittance in a gymnasium because no circumcised boy was allowed to enter. Therefore, many young boys were left out due to the cultural and religious beliefs of their parents. Then a good doctor named Celsus decided to try to reconstruct a prepuce and he did so with success. The act is known as uncirumcision and was used very much in the Nazi era to cover up a man's Jewishness.

But now that all American males go around without a prepuce, it is hard to tell Jew from Gentile. Perhaps this is a form of camouflage.

It amazes me that in the 21st century we are hearing that those nasty prepuces have to be removed to save the world from AIDS. What? Yes, that is the latest fetish of the Clinton foundation's AIDS campaign. Cut off those foreskins and do away with AIDS.

In a speech to the International Aids conference in Toronto, Canada, Clinton speculates

". . . if, as many expect, trials show that it protects men and the women they sleep with from AIDS"

And he further speculates that:

"Should this be shown to be effective, we will have another means to prevent the spread of the disease and to save lives, and we will have a big job to do. It is important that as we leave here we all be prepared for a green light that could have a staggering impact on the male population but that will be frankly a lot of trouble to get done."

"Trouble to get done" is an understatement. Just go to Africa and ask a black man to give you his prepuce. Ha!

Science is science and religion is religion. Since there have been no completed trials on the prepuce subject, it would be wise to ignore this barbaric suggestion and put research money behind science not religious practice. Or one can simply put on a yellow arm band and sing "we are all Jewish" and save a hell of a lot of tax payer money that the Bush administration's neoconservative government is throwing at Clinton to aid his AIDS campaign.

Clinton, whose foundation negotiates cheaper prices for drugs and HIV tests in developing nations, said PEPFAR (Bush's plan for AIDS relief) has done a lot of good, despite a requirement that 33 percent of prevention funding be spent on abstinence-only programs.

"If you take out the 30 percent of the money that has to be spent on that - the other 70 percent is still a whopping amount of money and more money in federal aid than I think anybody else is getting," Clinton told a plenary session of the conference.

Great Bill, but please don't spend all that hard earned tax payers money on prepuce removal. It does not seem like the correct target.